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At Orlando Expo Mujer, our unwavering commitment is to empower and celebrate Latinas in every dimension of their lives. Our mission is to craft a vibrant and inclusive space where women can come together to connect, embark on a journey of learning, foster personal growth, and collectively thrive.


Through a diverse array of workshops, inspiring speakers, and engaging activities, we aim to uplift and unite the incredible women in our community. Join us in this empowering celebration of Latina strength, resilience, and achievement, as we embrace the power of knowledge, connection, and growth.

20+ Speakers

People who know different subjects and are experts in their area.

15+ Sponsors

It is based on an exhibition to benefit women and contribute to their well-being.

Where and who participates?

Founded in the heart of beautiful Orlando, our expo is an annual event that brings together women from diverse communities, from businesswomen, writers, entrepreneurs and professional women, to caregivers and students. They all have a place at Orlando Expo Mujer!


Orlando Expo Mujer re-emerges with the vision to inspire, educate and support women, creating a space where beauty, health, fashion, business education and empowerment come together to provide an experience that propels every woman to reach the best version of herself and achieve her dreams as a successful Latina in the United States.

We believe in the power of education and connecting women to drive change and progress in our society. We offer workshops and conferences on topics ranging from entrepreneurship, leadership, digital marketing to health and wellness. All of this comes together in the midst of an exquisite, very feminine and dynamic environment, where exhibitors of products and services essential to women’s lives come together to provide each attendee with a transformative experience, and where we encourage connection, business and alliance building among attendees.

Diversity and inclusion

At Orlando Expo Mujer we value diversity and inclusion. We strive to create an environment where all voices are heard and all experiences are respected. Together we will build a brighter and more equitable future for all women around the world.

Empowered women

Join us at our next expo and be part of an inspiring community. Together we can accomplish great things and continue to empower women in Orlando and beyond.

Thank you for being part of Orlando Expo Mujer!

Marieangie Rosario

CEO Orlando Expo Mujer

Speakers del evento

Quienes formaran parte de las conferencias en diferentes temas de actualidad.


Marca Personal

Yaima Osorio

Marca Personal

LaVeta Hayes

Living Legacies

Ana G. Mendez University

Ana G. Mendez University

Libre Initiative

Libre Initiative

Dr. Wanda Bonet

Emotional Intelligence

Vilma Nuñez

Marketing, business and sales mentor

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