Marieangie Rosario

About Marieangie Rosario

From the first steps in my professional development in the field of communications, women have been present as the main figure in all my projects, being that entity that has demonstrated its value through time, and has grown in the midst of adversities that seek to undermine its wonderful identity and its invaluable power. It is a divine assignment that has given purpose to my life, and which for more than 25 years has propelled me every day to get up optimistic and with the strength to create spaces that highlight the value of this figure, and empower her with the tools that help her to overcome the blows of life and position herself in the place she not only deserves, but belongs to her.

My integration to Orlando Expo Mujer was born some years ago, when I was called by its founder Margarita Berchal, to participate in a round table where the opportunity to create a space dedicated to products and services for women was discussed. And you know what? I couldn’t resist. Together we developed a project that aligned perfectly with my values and gave me the opportunity to integrate my mission of female empowerment and to create the integral education platform that was needed. For several years, I successfully collaborated with it until its decline before the pandemic. More so when your life mission is bigger than yourself, there are some things you just can’t drop. And this is one of them.

I am a woman who seeks God’s approval in all the things I do and I have my ears tuned to that little inner voice that directs my every step. Recently that voice was turned on and directed by it I shared with Margarita what was in my heart, turning out to be the same thing she was feeling, to pass the baton to give continuity to her dream. And that’s how together with my company, M’Ross Media Group, a company dedicated to produce media projects for the empowerment of women, decided to take the reins of Orlando Expo Mujer and take it to become the favorite and most anticipated space for women in Central Florida, and beyond!

We celebrate and honor the life of its founder Margarita Berchal, for being a visionary woman and we commit ourselves to carry her dream as far as God allows us to do so.

Mariengie – General Director OEXM