Immerse yourself in an experience no woman can afford to miss: a day meticulously designed and ignited with the passion of today’s empowered woman.

Marketplace & Shopping Experience

Dive into our Marketplace, where diversity meets convenience. Discover a wide range of carefully selected products ranging from the everyday to the extraordinary. Be captivated by an environment that combines the excitement of discovering new brands with the convenience of finding everything in one place. Get ready for an unparalleled shopping experience that will delight your senses and satisfy your desires! 🛍️✨

Health & Wellness

Health Pavilion: Here, your well-being is the priority. Explore innovative approaches to physical and mental health, from mindfulness practices to advances in medical technology. Gain tips and tools to enhance your quality of life.

Beauty & Fashion

Beauty Pavilion: Immerse yourself in a world of elegance and self-care. Discover the latest trends in makeup, skincare, and haircare while you relax and pamper yourself with cutting-edge beauty treatments.

Fashion Pavilion: Experience a real-life runway in our fashion pavilion. From emerging designers to prestigious brands, this space will take you on a journey through creativity and personal style.

Culinary & Tasting

Culinary Pavilion: Indulge in an unparalleled culinary experience in our culinary pavilion. From traditional dishes to the most innovative creations from renowned chefs, this space is a feast for food enthusiasts.

Business Empowerment

Business Empowerment Pavilion: This pavilion is designed to inspire and empower entrepreneurs and business leaders. Discover strategies for success, connect with influential mentors, and gain insights to grow your business.


Discover, learn and grow with our workshops! Immerse yourself in interactive sessions designed to boost your knowledge, skills and perspectives. Our workshops will provide you with practical tools, innovative strategies and the opportunity to connect with experts in different fields. From professional development to personal empowerment, each workshop is designed to inspire you, challenge you and take you one step closer to your goals. Join us and unlock your potential!

At Orlando Expo Mujer, we are on a mission to empower and celebrate Latinas in all their brilliant facets! Our event is a vibrant tapestry of connection, learning and growth, meticulously woven for you.

Each of these pavilions offers a unique world of opportunities and experiences to enrich your life in key areas such as beauty, fashion, health, business empowerment, and culinary delights.